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Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams has compiled one of the most extensive NDE sites on the web.  He’s an author, tireless researcher, and one of this planet’s driving forces dedicated to insuring those of the Near Death Experience have their say.

Visit Kevin at http://www.near-death.com

PMH Atwater

During the later part of the 70’s or early 80’s, I saw PMH Atwater on some famous guy’s syndicated talk show.  She served on a panel with other Returnees and during the course of the interview had the audacity to, actually, DEFEND those of the NDE.  Interestingly, although I’d had my first death trip years before, this was the first time I’d ever heard anyone challenge the prime time status quo and say we weren’t a bunch of wackos.  For those who have grown up thinking the Near Death Experience has always been accepted, think again...because it hasn’t.  In the past, many of our brethren have been institutionalized, burned at the stake, and mercilessly mocked for reporting their life after death journeys.  It is the likes of Phyllis Atwater who have championed our communal cause from the beginning.  She Shines.

Visit PMH at http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/

Human Radiation Experiments

I was Military Brat and as a child was volunteered for Human Radiation Experiments in the 1950’s.  I include this site because I’m not convinced this sorta thing doesn’t continue in one form or another.  Consider it a heads up from one who glows in the dark.