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An Exchange with My Father Regarding The OUTLANDS

Transitions 10/15/03

My father defined the nature of our relationship during introductions to my Mate in the late 1990’s.  He intoned, “Our family is Good Episcopalian Republican...and we don’t know whatever happened to Mike.”

Over the years, I made several attempts to communicate the nature of my malady.  The first of which occurred shortly after my initial NDE in 1972 wherein I tried, unsuccessfully, to explain how an otherworldly event had occurred which changed my life.  From my background, the benchmark remedy threatened institutionalization for any who would suggest they’d had some something occur wherein they’d died...had their life flash in front of their eyes...gone into a LIGHT...and found LOVING LOVE is the essence of LIFE.  Frankly, it didn’t go over very well.

Yet, like ol’ Stevie King says, “No Bounce...No Play.”  So I tried...on several occasions and, rather than sending my father a generic birthday card for his 80th birthday, I figured to forward him a copy of my previous narrative (The OUTLANDS). His response, resulting in a further exchange, came shortly thereafter and speaks for itself. 

Until after his death, we never spoke of it again.




For my father's 79th birthday I decided to forward a copy of my writings regarding the NDE that took place in the South Utah Desert in 1987.  In reply, a short handwritten note appeared in the mail on Saturday, November 22nd, 1997. It reads:

From the desk of
1209 Harrison St
P. O. Box 981
Elkhart, Indiana 46515
Telephone 294-1412


Dear Mike,

The copy of your experience arrived on 11/17.

You were correct. I enjoyed reading it much more than a card.

I must confess that I did not understand a goodly portion of what you were saying. I can, of course, appreciate the suffering you endured and I know you were thrilled to be rescued but in between I didn't quite follow the "Crystal", "Electro magnetism" and the like. Perhaps some time in the future you and I can sit down and discuss it.

Again let me thank you again for remembering me. Incidentally this one wasn't too bad, but next year? 80!!   

Love, Dad

P.S.  Incidentally the closest I have come to "White Light Beings" was the nurses on awakening from general anesthetic. The same? Who knows?



I responded to my father's message, including an emailer discussing my opposition to current rules governing medicinal cannabis legislation and the difficulties I'd had with the Law regarding my recent Trials and Tribulations.

I paper clipped my own handwritten remark to this particular letter which reads:

"Confidentially, Dad, I was a bit concerned about Mom during that period and figured if the time should ever come when she needed it, I'd have it for her, as well.  Love  M."

This sidebar was the result of my mother's recent medical diagnosis of a cancerous growth and indicative of my intent to "supply her" with cannabis should she request it.  Once again, things hadn't gone exactly as planned.

I enclosed an issue of Marcel Vogel's Psychic Research Newsletter's... listed Vol.5 No.3 May-June. 1988.  The lead article is entitled, CRYSTALS AND THE QUANTUM EFFECT.  Additionally, I added a mimeograph of the front/back cover, author credits and Bibliography from the book by Walter C. Rawls and Albert Roy Davis entitled, MAGNETISM and its Effects on the Living System.




A more in depth discussion of certain events heralding my arrival in the Desert is required.  As such, I will discuss with you the Intent that drew me there and the reasoning behind what appears on the surface as some manner of peculiar anomaly with a very strange cast of characters.  By the time this "crystal thing" occurred, there were at least 15 people at the crash site.  All had opportunity to bear witness to what transpired and it would really be incomplete were it not included in the record.

I appreciate your candid response, Dad.  It allows insight into difficulties future readers might encounter and ought be remedied right now.  Prior to the Desert experience, I had already become quite intrigued by a scientific genius named Dr. Marcel Vogel (see enclosure).  He was a Noble Prize winner, wrote award winning books on luminescence, was widely published in Scientific Journals, and employed by IBM for decades.  Further, Dr. Vogel holds more patents than anyone else in the history of that company.  I was heading toward Dr. Vogel's headquarters in San Jose California to discuss his findings and Intended to go from there to Hopi Land in northern Arizona.  Things didn't quite go as planned.

Dr. Vogel was a uniquely talented Soul.  A genius on par with Edison, Einstein, or Tesla, Vogel retired from IBM to dedicate his remaining years to researching the utilization of crystals by means of human bioelectrical interactivity.  Using an electron microscope, he discovered each crystalline structure has a growth axis (the C axis) and by fashioning a stone with the same precision as a diamond cutter, he could geometrically accelerate it's potential to amplify an electrical charge...even if the charge were as subtle as the bioelectrical current accompanying the synapse of a thought.

The understanding of Dr. Vogel’s concepts is revolutionary and any time spent researching his scientific findings is well worth the effort.  This is especially true should one take into consideration virtually all forms of communication devices are based on the silicon chip (computers, telephones, TV, radar, radio, etc.).  Remembering the human body is an "electrical device," imagine the evolutionary leap that might occur should a merger between Man and Mineral Kingdom take place.  Further, what if this "communion" results in an exponential enhancement, a synthesis the likes of which having never before been seen, because once you begin "interfacing"(talking-inputing-programming matrixing) one stone, it only Stands to Reason "it" could be programmed to "talk" (communion-exchange codings-transfer information) with "other" stones.  As Dr. Vogel was fond of saying, "When one crystal starts to ring, they all ring."  We are talking about something as primal as Fire, Dad, and Marcel Vogel has held the Flame.

A trademarked Vogel Cut Crystal is selected and fashioned in such a manner as to allow this level of interface.  Depending upon the specific geometric configuration of the stone as it is cut along the C axis, the expansive applications of this new branch of Science staggers the intellect and gives Wing to Imagination.

I became interested in Vogel's work for a number of reasons.  Not the least of which being the very best microphones utilize different quality and configurations of crystal chips.  Before my departure for the Desert, I had forwarded the Hearing Helper notes and concepts to Sharper Image Corporation, including a strong recommendation the prototype and product itself use Crown Microphones which are shaped (configured) in a superior fashion.  I'd hoped if Sharper Image accepted the Hearing Helper, our hometown of Elkhart would benefit from my efforts should Crown Corporation receive the subcontract for the development and manufacturing of this vital part for the affordable hearing aid device.

In my research (legwork) to acquire insight regarding future enhancement that may be derived from reshaping a microphone for the Hearing Helper, I came upon Vogel's research and scientific investigations into crystal technology, reviewed his illustrious credentials, and studied what this Man had to say.  It made perfect sense.  I purchased one of his specially cut crystals to "test" his claims.  Successfully doing so, I realized Dr. Vogel's research would affect the microphones of the future and desired personal conversations with him regarding continued development of the Hearing Helper.  Unfortunately, this Great Man died a few years ago and I never did get an opportunity to meet him personally, yet I had this crystal (configured by Dr. Vogel) during the Desert Incident.

We've all heard visionaries from the past pose at some point in the future it would be unnecessary to type on one's keyboard to interface with their computer and the only requirement would be to tell it what one intended accomplished...they were scoffed at.  Yet, we both know that time has arrived, and computer hardware-software in this area have currently been developed for commercial use.  The next generation of computer interface will be by thinking the words and it is Dr. Vogel's research regarding accentuation-amplification of quartz by specific C Axis cutting procedure and configuration that will allow for this neuroelectrical integration.

Crystals of this nature are capable of storing vast amounts of information because they cater to Holographs.  Now, a Holograph is a picture, and a picture is "worth a thousand words."  This being true, it only stands to reason their Storage Capacity may be likened to "How many angels can fit on the head of a pin?"  A visionary might suggest if Vogel's assertion "Once one crystal begins to ring, they all ring" is True, then it would be possible to impregnate a specially configured Stone with all the data necessary to actually "Seed a Planet" if the celestial body in question had a substantial enough quartz content to start the chain reactive process of the Crystals Singing.  A visionary might also counsel with this capability comes Galactic Colonization and, if so, one wonders, "Where's the Landlord?"  It has been proposed to me "White Light Beings" are Emissaries from such Intergalactically far flung corridor of this or some other dimension in the many rooms of Our Heavenly Father's Mansion.  Yet, not unlike Butch and Sundance, it does make me smile when I hear myself saying, "Who Are Those Guys?"

I would be remiss were I not to mention the Crystal I was handed in the Desert wasn't a Vogel Cut Stone.  Instead, it was one of the first naturally occurring crystals I could actually hold in my hand and "feel" immediately comfortable and at peace with.  I named it the Hopi Crystal myself because I have always been inspired by the manner in which these Honorable People have so cherished the Earth.  I'd carry that Stone with me everywhere I'd go. At night, it would be nestled in between two Vogel Cut Masterpieces I possess.  One of these is a 6-sided Meditation Crystal, the other an 8-sided Healer.  I could Imagine a harmonically resonant group chorus as they touched one another "ringing and singing" their silent songs.  In addition, I have another Vogel Cut Crystal fashioned in a pendant and worn on a necklace.  In fact, I wear this Crystal Medallion today just as I wore it throughout the entirety of the ordeal in the Desert...on my chest, next to my Heart.

Unfortunately, wearing a crystal or showing an interest in this field is minimized by charlatans who promise to channel entities from The Great Beyond, guarantee you'll win the lottery, and last, but not least, finally find your soul mate.  Unfortunately, these exaggerated claims (for "only $19.95, plus shipping and handling") have cheapened and placed pallor over the existing scientific strides.  Some folks who otherwise might be interested in hearing the Real Story have been turned off altogether by this kind of go for the buck sales pitch.  Yet, I take Heart as I Surf the Internet and chat with so many different Souls from around the planet who have grasped these concepts and apply them in their daily lives.  Literally hundreds of well researched and maintained Web Sites may be found and interactively forumed.  I like that...I like that a lot.  The scientifically reproducible evidence of Dr. Vogel's rich body of work Stands on it's own and is a fitting testimonial for this brilliant scientist who contributed so much to our world.

Another science oriented kinda guy I’ve met along the way is Walter Rawls (see enclosure).  Walter and Marcel shared a speaker's platform in the early 70's at some scientific seminar reviewing the works of Nikoli Tesla.  Perhaps because Walter is also a Nobel Nominee, I find both of their levels of scientific achievement and intellectual stimulation to be most similar and satisfying.  Walter's corporation, Biomagnetics Int'l, holds some 40 + patents in the evolving field of Magnetism and it's effects on the Living System.  Some of his company's reproducible and revolutionary processes are currently contracted by the United Nations in Eastern Europe for toxic waste removal.  Department of Defense and EPA contracts are pending the beginning of these procedures in the United States.

Walter's company builds magnets unlike anything that has ever existed in the history of the planet.  I’d wondered as to the unique properties of these special magnets and if proper application might aid in physical healing or the creation of an upgraded speaker-microphone array for future enhancement of the Listenaider-Hearing Helper.  After reading several of Walter's books I gave him a call.

That's an interesting little story you relate about "white light beings" as nurses upon awakening from general anesthetic. I have my own and it goes like so.

I was deposited in a clinic with no bone surgeon after being driven in from the Outlands and the closest specialist amounted to more road time for me in the back of an ambulance (which felt to be a motorized coffin) up north in Provo.  The first three days after my initial surgery, I was conscious a total of 5-10 minutes.  It was the second time, on the second day, the experience occurred in which I'll address now.

I regained awareness realizing some something was terribly wrong.  I couldn't breathe and was sinking fast.  I opened my eyes and found myself looking from the vantage point anyone acquires when they’re in ICU (i.e. nurses and technicians, clean sheets, electronic monitoring devices and IV's stickin' in my arm).  I was swathed in rib belts which tried to keep the fractures put and had a cast from toes to testicles.  My head was propped in a way allowing me a view towards the foot of my hospital bed where I could see two nurses (a male and a female), who were, as you mentioned, all dressed up in white.  AND...something was wrong; I couldn't breathe.

I was paralyzed and far too weak to move.  The two nurses were reviewing my chart and had taken their attention off me for the moment.  I had begun to vomit while in my coma like state of unconsciousness, and, not having the strength to purge it from my mouth, was drowning.  By the time I came back into active awareness my mouth was full, windpipe beginning to fill up, and I was literally suffocating on the stuff.  I didn't have the energy to cry out for help, Florence and Nightingale continued reading my med chart, and your blue-eyed boy was goin' down.

I knew I only had moments before I was to, once again, lose consciousness.  At the most, I was so close to the brink I awared no more than three seconds were allotted me to figure out a way to save my own life, because it was taking all the strength I had to keep anymore vomit from dropping down my windpipe and into my lungs.

Something to think about.

For example, what would you have done?  Think fast Dad, ya only got to the count of three...1 steam engine...2 steam engine...3 steam engine...end of line...your dead.

It occurred to me I had to get the attention of Flo and Nighty, who diligently continued to pore over the med charts, and quick thinkin' seemed like a good idea to me.  In a flash, I found the solution, and it was as simple as takin' it like a Man and doing what I had to do to survive...I began to gargle.

Not a very pretty picture is it?

Yet it worked.

Frankly, it was kinda comic the panic stricken way my two "little light beings" tossed the med charts and scrambled to my rescue.  It was the female of the two who heard me.  Her first words were, "My God, he's thrown up," and I knew the ball was now in their court, because I'd shot my wad and had already began my journey back into unconsciousness.

My final observations were of Nighty (the male nurse) on my left, who had grabbed my head and was holding it to the right, where Flo was waiting for him to quit shaking the bowl of puke out of my mouth so she could go at it with her fingers.  The last I recall before the lights went out and I left physical consciousness altogether, was a hand being shoved down my throat and fingers scrapping, then pulling the remainder of goop lodged in my windpipe.  I tentatively relaxed, felt the first rush of clean air sweep into my lungs, returned it with a sigh, and was released from my earthly bonds.

And sooo..............HERE we are, the two of us, RIGHT NOW.

There is nothing said within these pages I don't know as the Truth.  Ya see, I never wanted to Be merely right, Dad, I've wanted to Be Truthful and Bless the INTENT that would INTEND it so.  And, the Truth Is…LIGHT BEINGS are a Reality.  They exist.  I have Communioned and most certainly have paid my dues in gettin' there in order to acquire this little tidbit of information.

I appreciate the fact I have endured to share it with you... KNOW LOVE RESTS IN THE HEART OF THE LIGHT.

                                         LOVE LOVE

MJR 1997