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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 19:52:55
Subject: bad ndes

Hey, I was reading in "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" about some nasty ndes---frightening, dark experiences.  What's the scoop on these? 


In keeping with staying upbeat, I go with the "It's All Good" routine.  And, it's true...eventually, everything works out in the wash.  Your question gets into the nitty gritty and, rather than skirt around this sensitive issue, here's what I've seen.

Each person's after death trip/life is gonna be as unique as the individual...and one goes where s/hes gotta go based on choices made and lessons needing to be learned.  Everybody dies...everybody gets to see (on the Otherside & Beyond) the manner in which they chose to prioritize their priorities.  Further, depending upon the weight of awareness attributed to the priorities which preoccupy the consciousness of the person, ya reap what ya sow...and it can get ugly. 

In order to go into the LIGHT, there's a "passageway" that has been called The VOID.  The VOID is an old word from several organized religions and I hesitate to use it in a willy nilly manner because I don't want to imply carte blanc association with whatever else such dogmas may decree in the definition.  Nonetheless, in this instance, the term seems  descriptive enough and so I'll employ it for the sake of reference.

The VOID resides beyond the region of Life Recall.  Whereas the Life Recall section of the NDE deals with the immediate prior life of the dearly departed, the VOID  serves as a cosmic roto-rooter, collating and cleansing all of one's multi-incarnational garbage.  It is a revealing/uncloaking/in yer face band of energy, serving as a celestial barrier, unpassable by any who care to carry the crap that goes on in this world's rendition of a "dog eat dog" reality tunnel.

The VOID is utterly, completely empty and, thus, being without anything, is able to unmask everything ya bring along with you.  It is the dwelling place of the Black Light.  All the baggage/choices/intent/repercussions of the life/lives one's lived prior to physical death is examined in excruciating detail in the glaring luminescence of the VOID.  There's no place to go, nowhere to hide, and the shadow (ulterior motives) selves are exposed in all their gore and glory.  Lessons learned, or unlearned, become as transparent as choices made or not made.  The ripping away of one's facades can feel like the agony of the ages.  It separates the wheat from the chaff and, simply stated, is sorta like a Cosmic Santa Clause, presenting how ya been naughty and how ya been nice. 

The purpose of the VOID is to insure one's bullshit doesn't go beyond/deeper into the more highly refined, "Light realms," and, probably, metaphors the St. Peter's Gate thing.  It's a clearing house and the only way to make it thru (leastways, from my point of view) is when one comes to the unveiled truth of the INTENT of his or her Intent.  Rationalizations do not work.  Hidden agendas are exposed.  Bull shit takes a back seat and the REAL gets revealed.  Frankly, I didn't think it was much fun...but the Journey was/is Grand and Glorious once thru the goo.

From the moment I returned from my initial NDE of 1972, I was instilled with this undeniably Intentful need to know.  I longed to experience the width, depth and breadth of the many worlds of GOD and, apparently, I've been afforded the opportunity to realize my desires, because I’ve personally gotten to see, at least, some of the multiple universes and those who dwell therein.  I've learned the wisdom of the phrase "Be careful of what ya wish fore, because ya just might get it."  As hideous as my 2nd NDE was to be, I got what I asked fore (the good, bad and ugly) in order to garner a greater understanding of the cosmos in general and the life-after death-trip specifically.

I believe there are transient doorways opening into other after-worlds along the inner corridors of one’s passage thru the tunnel of the Void's ebony space.  I believe these doorways enter realms where appropriately designated/earned schools await the pilgrim.  There's an infinity of worlds (dimensions/realms) which have been created to suit every Soul's needs and deeds.  Unless looked upon from an expanded overview which deems them instructionally necessary/balancing for the attendee’s Soul advancement, some of these landscapes/regions may be perceived as merely evil (as revealed in reports regarding hideous NDE’s), instead of the  remedial romper rooms they are meant to be.

Some NDE's are like concentrated bleach poured on an open wound.  The NDE's you’re referencing from The Book of the Dead point out the cleansing process of those who have journeyed into the Lord's Laundry Room where nobody gets away with nothin' and All is revealed.  I've had four NDEs.  During the coursing of the second of these, in 1985, I had such a frightful, sobering experience.  From the vantage point of one who has (based on the Divine Mercy of Love) risen above these darker dimensions of existence during my initial death trip of 1972, I can only say these despairing otherworldly NDEs appear to be necessary in certain situations for spiritual growth.

Because you asked, here's the short form.  I died on a golf course in South Bend Indiana in 1985.  It was quick, trauma induced and, during the deathing process, I  was flung from my body and into a horrifying realm.  I saw legions of semi transparent Souls (of every make & model) trapped in a semi-luminously lit shadow land of endless, apathetic hopelessness...just  hopelessly hopeless.  They appeared as unwillfull will o' wisps, devoid of anything but the plight of their utter apathy that had consumed and become them...they were the damned.

Never could I have imagined such a place existed. There was/is no baseline reference because, from my perspective, even when it gets bad, one still inherently wishes for, or hopes, for relief.  These passionless Souls were bereft of any level of effort and represented the epitome of entropic dissolution.  Their listless forms appeared to be adrift in a driftless sea, ensnared in an ethereal despondency, reeking of decay.  I observed this world's inhabitants as so utterly uninspired, so defeated, they felt like those who forever were to be cast out of heaven.  Worse, they were beyond generating the energy to care about their plight, nor the gumption to gripe.  My natural inclination was to rail against it.

Especially was/is this so based on the fact I'd already directly experienced the other side of the coin during my 1972 NDE and the grandeur of that preliminary event didn't allow me to succumb/merge with the long term possibility of entertaining this dark world (in my mind, anyway) as a potential resting place.  Upon my return from this 2nd Death Trip, my initial thoughts were, "That place is one of Dante's Rings of Hell."  Although denial would have been far easier than admitting the existence of such a place to myself, I accepted the truth of what I saw and came back to my body with a little extra wisdom regarding the importance of establishing one's priorities.

Having witnessed the inhumanity of man, I don’t cater to the idea life is just a bowl of cherries and we all ought wander around wearing rose tinted glasses.  There’s far too much cruelty, in one form or another, for this approach to be practical and it’d be idiocy to ignore the self-serving appetites of those who feed off the pain of others.  There are plenty of self-proclaimed prophets who, by their own admission, suggest an ability to love everyone and everything…I can’t.  However, what I can do is appreciate the love I feel inside of myself and the INTENT that would INTEND IT SO.  This I can do despite the curve balls thrown in my direction and life’s little tragedies that crop up while living in this world.  It’s not necessary to attend a church in order to institute this awareness.  In fact, church is wherever and whenever IAM getting my priorities aligned with the INTENT of LOVING LOVE.   Of everything I’ve been shown during the coursing of my NDE’s, this is the message I would share.

I haven't read the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  I only know what I know based on having died on several occasions and returned.  In answer to your question, to the best of my limited experience, yes,  hideously hopeless regions of Hell do exist because darkness (dirty deeds done dirt cheap) is it's own reward.  I would add the disclaimer I believe the entirety of Creation is coming under a completely revised rendition of Cosmic Reality and what has gone before in the worlds of Creation are to be forever changed...All of IT.

This personal caveat has it's foundation in my 3rd and 4th NDE (1987 & 1995, respectively) and relates to an Intergalactic Creator Level mandate regarding the ending of what has, in some circles, been called the Luciferian Rebellion.  The emphasis given this information during the  more recent death trips has made it evident the entire Cosmos is undergoing a radical shift in the preexisting protocols dealing with the afterlife.  Therefore, it is my understanding, these Hell Regions are to also be rearranged as a result of this unprecedented Creator Level Mandate.

“The Call,” resulting from this Divine Demandment, is sweeping thru all the dimensionals, in All the MultiUniverses, even as we speak.  Hence, from what I’ve gathered from my NDE’s, the machinations of Life before and/or after the death of the physical body, will come under a Cosmic Criteria whose repercussions will not be based on any prior text seeking to explain the otherworlds.  Instead, a entirely new celestial paradigm is to begin and the birthing pains are becoming more evident everyday.

 Anyway, that's my take on it.

           LOVE LOVE