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If The Shoe Fits...


I pay very close attention to my dreams, especially after returning from the NDE.  Never having been one to discount their potential, I was struck with a dream situation that occurred in 1993 with an aged Native American.  This fella appears every now and then and during the course of one of our dream meetings, he showed me some signs.  These dream images were seen floating above a mesa in an area that looked like the American Southwest.  When I awoke from the dreamtime, I intuited the place where these signs appeared was on the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona.  I was determined to discover if this dream experience represented an actual physical location in our 3D world and figured I was responsible to, at least, check it out.  Thus, in early Feb/94, I went.

Having stayed the night before in Tuba City, I entered reservation land from the west and on the eastern side of Hotevilla found the exact spot I was shown in the Dreamtime the year before.  After a short conversation with a Kachina Carver who I met at a rock shop around the bend, the best I could do was Bless what I saw and return to Indiana. 

Months later, during the time the White Buffalo Calf was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, the Native American guy appeared in my dreamtimes again and when I asked him what this whole deal was about, he simply said, “If the shoe fits...wear it.”   And so I do.

My gut tells me to post this glyph on the web because it’ll be understood by people I haven’t even met.  I feel it’s a totem that is individually communal and if it says something to you that speaks to your Heart...then that’s a good thing.

           LOVE LOVE

boyz.jpg IAM
said the man
of the clan
Dancer in the Light
With a Holy Host
Wolf and Whale
DogStar Dolphin
White Buffalo Bear
and the Eagle
Will Fly High