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Now What?

Eight Years After


My decision to write a book about my NDE’s did not come easily.  It wasn’t until 1996 I figured it was time and, ever since, it’s hovered at the forefront of my mind, forcing levels of self reflection that would have been far easier left alone.  True, it’s been a productive journey and has coerced me to scan my life’s history in ways I, otherwise, never would, but there’s been a price.  Years have come and gone with hundreds of pages which, eventually, were tossed in a folder marked, “Now what?”   There’s never seemed a moment where I’ve been able to encapsulate the subject because it’s unending...no sooner does one door close, then another opens.

My proclivity toward detail has produced a lotta word product, but that ain’t puttin’ bread on the table and I’ve longed for the day I could get a sense of closure and feel, “OK, Sport, ya gave it your best shot, told it the way it happened and, take it or leave, it’s outta your hands...you can focus on other stuff, now.”   That time has, at long last, arrived.

Just yesterday, it occurred to me how to link my thoughts regarding the NDE in an order that would satisfy the basics of offering my two bits worth and, hopefully, within a couple weeks I’ll have the website finished enough for me to move on.  Strangely, what appears doesn’t look a lot like a book to me.  It seems more skeletal, whereas the “Now What?” file fleshes out the blood and gut memoirs.

The NDE isn’t about personality, it’s about a whole lot more then THAT.  It’s the Story of Soul.  Those who’ve gone beyond their own death and returned are regular folks who can never be the same, because they now KNOW something based on direct personal experience that has less to do with faith, hope or belief...and more to do with what it is Real.  Dealing with what to do with it afterwards, varies from individual to individual.  However, I think all would agree, “There ain’t no lines on the front line, ‘cause the front line is a circle.” 

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