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Leonido DeVinci

An Email Regarding Embedding Enthusiasm and Extending the Energetic Chain/Change Reaction Through Crystals into the Planetary WaterWays

In my life, the most powerful event that's ever occurred is the Reality of the Near Death Experience.  Not unlike others who've reported back from such sojourn, there IS LIGHT EVERLASTING...there IS LOVE.  This applies whether one cares to believe it or not, because during the coursing of the death trip, doubt is revealed as being of a lesser god (creation) and of a self limiting myth/dream/school/universe, whereas THE LIGHT IS LIMITLESSLY EXPANSIVE.  I suppose the angst of many reincorporated NDEr's has much to do with tryin' to make sense outta a world that's made agreements to the contrary.

I've often wondered toward the utility of the NDE and come to the conclusion, maybe, it's as simple as people comin' togather from all walks of life and agreeing to agree water is receptive to appreciation...just like everything else.  More so, perhaps, because it's crystalline configuration is as open a format as a blank computer chip and active "altar-ation"---via INTENDING INTENT---serves as a baptismal initiating an enhanced change/chain reaction...inside and out.


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Gotta tell ya, it was well worth the groan accompanying the alarm clock kickin' us outta bed at 3:00 am.  The morning of the meteors had arrived and Leo's children arced across the heavens.  And, yeah, I know I'm soundin' sorta romantic about the whole deal, yet I gotta...because it was and is.

Susan and I have moved into a quaint cottage looking over Lake Champlain.  Across the water to the west we can see the Adirondacks and lookin' to the east The Green Mountains.  These ranges are way old and there have, in fact, been whale bones found in the rock that date this region's spine---runnin' like a series of earthen battery terminals from ridge to ridge to ridge---along the ley of the lines.

I Circled the Circuit Stones around one of the first crystals I'd ever actually hunted down and bought, back in '85.  I'd read a book by a guy who suggested it was possible to build a passive linear accelerator---activated by INTENTION---byway of inserting a shard of quartz in the tip of a copper pipe.  Certain lengths and circumferences were given to maximize the capacity of the instrument and, theoretically, one could, depending upon the dimensional configurations chosen, build all manner of wand, rod or staff.

 It was the quartz receiver that's been parked on such, that was Circled with Our Circuit Stones.  Afterwards, this Shard was taken to the water's edge, placed LIGHTLY, and grounded in the lakebed with its tip above the surface.  We figured to let the Leonids’ flash their codes, Bless the Waters, and INTEND INTENT a-chordingly...Thanksgiving given.  Around dusk, I saw my first Blue Light Ship.  It came in from the east, incredibly fast, and then seemed to land in a cloud hanging above the bay.

I 've wondered about what I'd witnessed---at long last, personally---since then.  Having seen Blue Light Orbs before, I'm comfortably familiar with their presence.  Yet, this was different...this was an aeronautically designed, bluish white, glowing, pulsing ship.  It occurred to me the reason I was able to see it in the first place was because it had to slow down before slidin' into it's cloud cover.  Otherwise, I sensed it'd been goin' too quick to be seen by the ordinary eye.

In the past I've been able to empathize with individuals who've been politically incorrect enough to insist---oftentimes, in the face of belittlement---they've seen such unconventional crafts.   Having had several NDE, and tryin' to express the unimaginable beauty of the LIGHT has proven to be a hard ditty to dance with as well.  Yet, it happened, and now, I not only believe in UFO's, but I actually saw one.  Boy Howdy, this outta make for some jim-dandy dinner conversation.

There was, btw, a weird thing that occurred toward dawn whereas the cloud began to expand and take on the shape of a huge wing.  This lasted for about 20 minutes and then it gradually retracted to its original size.  Regardless, the Blue Light Ship remained hidden in it's cover all night---even though the rest of the sky was clear because the wind was blowin' at 15 knots---and, I figure, whoever was drivin' the thing musta had their reasons for doin' whatever it was they were doin'...just as we have ours.

I found it impossible to ignore the "Genuine Thrill" accompanying every sighting of a shootin' star.  Each felt the feel of seein' an eagle flyin' ...majestic and magical...authentic and awesome.  Again and again we'd stumble proclamations that 'd go, "Whoa" and "Wow" and "Didja see that....Didja see that."  Our head's were doin' snap rolls as we tried to take in the whole of it, and, somewhere or other, it occurred to me there just wasn't enough time in-between the Lion's Lightening to give lengthy expression to each and every glee.  Thus, as the fire rained, we became cosmic auctioneers who simply, sounded "Yep or yup"...and there were hundreds of 'em to go around.

During the associated rushes, it awakened in me such primal enthusiasm ought be downloaded into our crystalline brew.  So I held the bone of a Circuit Stone and we swept our arms across the sky in honor of the flames as they flew....and, indulging within...the child inside...we Star Danced the passages thru the mornin' light.  

           LOVE LOVE


The Staff
pictured herein
is meant as a physical focal point
as a Communal Matrix,
INTENDS the ethereal movement of assemblage points byway of
"loving the love inside...that Loves the Love...that just LOVES LOVE."