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A Discussion of Yantras and the Specific Images Utilized During My First Near Death Experience

I’ve wondered how best to describe the exquisite grandeur which accompanies entering the LIGHT.  Many have tried, with varying degrees of success, utilizing art and poetry, parable and prose.  How does one truly convey the wonders awaiting outside the body’s sarcophagus when the tools best articulating this unimaginable splendor don’t even exist?  The answer is, you can’t.  In truth, we’re limited by what serves as communication in this three-dimensional realm and nothing...nothing even comes close.

The NDE is a stepping-stone.  Life, although forever changed, goes on for those of us who have returned.  Our rendition of what to do with what we’ve learned varies from experiencer to experiencer.  We are as individual as the road that lead us to the Communal Light.   I’ve chosen to chronicle personal exploits (the good, bad & ugly) that have landed me smack in the middle of forces so far out of the ordinary the best I can do is hold to my Intent and tell it the way it’s happened.  It’s not squeaky clean, nor is it meant to be.   

Immediately upon reentering my body during the initial 1972 NDE, an event was to occur which, in tandem with the voyage out, has altered my life immeasurably.  I’ve suspicions a rearrangement of synapsal hardwiring resulted from this episode and believe, to one degree or another, it’s integral to all who’ve reincorporated from the death trip.  Paraphrasing the Yaquai Nagual Don Juan, we’ve had our assemblage points permanently shifted and a repositioning of the corporal seat of consciousness instilled.  A more detailed account will be posted in the future, for now here’s the nuts and bolts. 

After merging the Source, I came back into this solar system enveloped in a beam of Light.  The dimensional drag associated with the coarser vibrations of this time/space continuum/hologram slowed me enough to reenter my physical form, while, at the same time, the luminescent cocoon surrounding my core essence allowed a temporary freedom from the limitations imposed by assuming a personality.  I awared this protective sheath of clarity was only a temporary measure because ego identification is a requirement for social interaction while living in this particular world.  Fortunately, moments after my reentry and prior to becoming fully personalified, I was able to pick up a book entitled The Sacred Symbols of MU by James Churchward.  Flipping thru the pages of this text, I came upon a Yantra (a visual symbol) which, when viewed, initiated a new set of neural synapsal arcings.         

While focusing on the image of this glyph, I experienced what felt to be an energetic recollection (perhaps, bio-elctro-magnetic in nature) and began to initiate another NDE or, at the least, a full-fledged out of the body projection.  A coalescence of this Life Force seemed to inexorably draw Itself from every part of my three dimensional beingness and collectively focus the combined energetics between the eyes, in the middle of my forehead.  At the moment this process was completed, I felt the information gleaned during my journey into and thru the LIGHT was sufficiently ingrained to allow me detailed recall when necessary and, thus, it was safe to allow my temporal personality in.  So I did.  I allowed the limiting personality self comprising my likes and dislikes to recollect the day to day quirks of living a life on earth.  Yet, I’ve never forgotten the intricacies of my journey beyond the veil of death while free of these personality constraints, nor the road map to Source which is securely stationed within.

Since then, I’ve come to view yantras of this type as metaphysical prompts which catalyze synapsal rewiring and synchronize both hemispheres of the biological brain.  I sense a hidden connection with alchemical diagrams and feel they’ve been utilized thru out the ages as a means to augment the neurological capabilities of esoteric students from various philosophic disciplines.  The Caduceus is one such example wherein the wings hint toward the eyebrows, and the staff, one’s spine.  Obviously, physical implications of our DNA’s double helix and the metaphor of the Kundalini Rising are apparent as well. 

I have returned to this literature time and again over the years.  In all honesty, the events that transpired during the coursing of my initial NDE have not occurred again.  Perhaps, this is because whatever was to be imparted already took place and there’s no need for an instant replay.  For all I know, the same thing might have occurred nomatter what reading material I had chosen on that night.  As mentioned, my journey into the LIGHT was based on the INTENT of INTENDING INTENT and everything else is just living a life... lookin’ to find your way Home.

The alterations orchestrated by Churchward’s graphics which accompanied reincorporation after my initial NDE by no means encompasses all the yantras available.  A simple Google Search reveals hundreds and, merely because the one I happened upon worked for me, I’m certainly not suggesting I think it’s the only option available.  Nonetheless, it was the image I stumbled upon in The Sacred Symbols of MU which eventually led me, in the dark of night, to a Hawaiian Oracle at The City of Refuge.

For now, I offer an email communiqué between Susan and myself, prior to our meeting in the flesh.  I’ve recounted a sequence of events which occurred while following my epistemological interest into the origins of this image during a visit to Hawaii’s Big Island in 1985.  Certainly, some of my language might be interpreted as inappropriately X rated for The Oprah Show, but I feel compelled to get raw with the ingredients making up my life as a NDEr and would be remiss if I started to sugar coat my speech for censored consumption.  As mentioned, I’ve leapt off the mesa...messy, at times, but with an Intent that’s been true to following the weird...wherever it may lead.

           LOVE LOVE

mu.pngku.pngHindu Cosmogonic Diagram from The Sacred Symbols of Mu by James Churchward And Caduceus